HOW TO GET YOURSELF BAN. and other Rules Read This!!

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HOW TO GET YOURSELF BAN. and other Rules Read This!!

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 04, 2009 9:47 am

1) NO Use of profane or abusive language!
This includes anything insulting to any other user or anyone else! This includes using stars to block what your saying. For example: F*** U! or go to H**L! or anything like that. Any users caught doing this will be given a warning. YOU GET ONE WARNING BEFORE YOU ARE BANNED!
Mild words like shit and crap are OK as long as they are not directed towards another user.

2) No sexual/drug reference or anything else sexual or drug related!!!!!!!
Don't even THINK about doing this!! It will result in an instant BAN... forever!! Just don't do it!

3) Nothing that is illegal or anything that might make me or any of the moderators angry.
This means NO talk about illegal downloading of games...
(Note: making us angry is one of the best ways to get yourself ban)

4) By posting messages on this forum you take responsibility for your posts. Under NO circumstances can we be held responsible for anything you post do or say.

5) No abuse or insults directed at any other users. Respect please!

6) Privacy clause
We don't need to know everything about you. And we would prefer that we didn't. Please keep personal details about yourself personal. Do not post pictures of yourself or of anyone else that you know. And If for some CRAZY reason you do... censor the face.

7) You may contest a ban by sending an email to

If you have questions I would appreciate that you send me a PM.


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